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Solar Fountain Kits     .  .  .   with battery support
(incl. GST)

Lt/ hr   
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5 m power cable,  2 year warranty [4]  
Reefe RSFB250 $300.00 230 1.2 m 3.5 W
Solarfree 800C $445.00 760 2.3 m 10 W
Solarfree 1600C $629.00 1,560 3.2 m 20 W
Solarfree 1600C
The Aquagarden Solarfree "C" series and Reefe RSFB series models come with battery backup units, to keep the pump running during overcast periods,  or into the evening after the sun has set.   The Solarfree Supreme models also come equiped with a detachable LED light to keep the fountain illuminated after dark.

  1. Manufacturer’s Specification
  2. Maximum flow rate in Litres Per Hour (Lt/ hr) - Pond surface and Pump outlet at the same height
  3. Supports a column of water at this height - zero flow
  4. Warranties cover repair or replacement of Material and Manufacturing defects.   They do not cover damage caused by inappropriate operation or,  unless stated otherwise,  damage to the impeller (the rotating pump mechanism),  which is a wearing consumable part.

Price List - Solar fountain kits with battery backup