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Clearpond Eternity Pumps  
(incl. GST)

Lt/ hr   
[ 1, 2 ]

[ 1, 3 ]
[ 1 ]
10 m power cable,  5 year warranty [4]  
Eternity 800 $99.00 800 1.3 m 15 W
Eternity 1400 $125.00 1,400 2.1 m 35 W
Eternity 2000 $145.00 2,000 2.3 m 40 W
Eternity 7000 $325.00 7,000 3.9 m 130 W
Eternity 9000 $385.00 9,000 4.0 m 140 W

Eternity fountain

The design of all pumps in the Eternity range includes a cage pre-filter surround to help reduce pump maintenance.   As with all good pumps,  Eternity pumps utilise a ceramic impeller shaft to reduce friction and extend the life of the impeller assembly.   Threaded BSP inlets and outlets allow for straight forward installation of additional Biological pre-filters and fountain kits.   All models also include thermal overload protection.

Because these pumps are designed to last they come with an industry leading 3+2* year guarantee on the motor and a 2 year guarantee on the impeller - * once the warranty is registered via the Clearpond Web site.

  1. Manufacturer’s Specification
  2. Maximum flow rate in Litres Per Hour (Lt/ hr) - Pond surface and Pump outlet at the same height
  3. Supports a column of water at this height - zero flow
  4. Warranties cover repair or replacement of Material and Manufacturing defects.   They do not cover damage caused by inappropriate operation or,  unless stated otherwise,  damage to the impeller (the rotating pump mechanism),  which is a wearing consumable part.

Price List - Clearpond Eternity filter pumps