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  • When it comes to joining sections of rubber pondliner,  or undertaking repairs,  it is important to use the correct system to ensure a long lasting,  completely waterproof seal.  
  • A full range of fixing,  patching and penetration accessories for EPDM Geomembrane is available from Leaf & Stone.  
  • Whether you need to splice two or more sheets together,  fix damage to an existing pond liner,  create penetrations through a pond liner or bond liner to a substrate for tanking applications - we have you covered.  

Rubber Pond Liner Accessories  -  Direct from our supplier’s Warehouse

Item Price
QuickSeam Tape kit $179.00
QuickSeam Tape, per linear metre $10.00
QuickSeam Tape,  short roll
(7.6 cm  x  7.6 metres long)
QuickSeam Tape,  roll
(7.6 cm  x  30.4 metres long)
QuickPrime plus (250 ml) $28.85
QuickPrime plus (0.95 litre) $65.90
QuickPrime plus (3.8 litres) $125.00
QuickSeam 9" Form Flash,
per linear metre
QuickSeam SA flashing, 
per linear metre
Item Price
QuickSeam Repair kit $59.90
Silicone Roller $87.00
Quick Scrubber Handle $11.40
Quick Scrubber Pads $2.85
Lap Sealant cartridge (325 ml) $31.90
Liner Patch for EPDM - 150mm self adhesive patch $12.50
Universal Pipe Boot (Penetration) $99.00
Aluminium Termination bar
(3 metre, drilled)
Bond Adhesive (18.9 litres) - for roof tanking, etc $279.00
Tape kit

Freight:   Freight to Sydney,  Melbourne,  Geelong & Brisbane is a fixed price of $19.90.   Email us for freight prices to other cities (freight costs to other locations may also be dependent on the overall weight of the consignment).

Note:   Freight costing is on a Business-to-Business basis. Suitable staff and equipment must be available at the delivery location to receive and unload the Pond Liner from the delivery vehicle during normal business hours.

Email us for more details or to place an order  - - -  or call us on 03 5221 8083.
A summary of the full PondGard waterproofing system,  including a brief description of the use of these accessories,  is included below.

Firestone PondGard waterproofing system

For lining ponds,  lakes,  dams and other water features.  The system uses a complete range of materials including EPDM sheet,  adhesives,  tape,  sealants,  cleaning products,  unvulcanised EPDM strips and prefabricated accessories in order to guarantee the homogeneity of the system.   Also suitable for roof,  wall and basement tanking applications.   Because of its specific formulation and production process,  Firestone′s PondGard membrane is guaranteed to be compatible with aquatic life.

PondGard sheet:   The main component of the system consists of the PondGard membrane.   The raw material EPDM (ethylene propylene diene M class rubber) is blended with oils,  vulcanising agents and fillers (carbon black).   PondGard sheets are manufactured by calendaring and vulcanising.   The sheets have a thickness of .04 inch (1.02 mm).

QuickSeam (splice/ seaming) Tape:  Double sided,  rubber polymer based adhesive tape for splicing EPDM panels in the field.
QuickSeam Formflash:  Self-vulcanising EPDM strips laminated to QuickSeam Tape which can be shaped and adapted to irregular shapes such as corners,  pipes,  penetration pockets,  etc.
QuickSeam SA Flashing:  Designed for flashing of both curbs and parapets in association with EPDM roof systems.
Bonding Adhesive:  Contact adhesive used for bonding PondGard sheets or QuickSeam products to non EPDM surfaces (wood,  metal,  concrete and others).   A coverage of 1.5 to 2.0 square metres per litre can be expected on non-porous surfaces.   Coverage is reduced on porous surfaces.

QuickPrime plus:   Seam Primer.   A product for treating the PondGard sheet prior to applying QuickSeam Tape.   1 litre of Seam Primer is required for each 15 linear metres of join.

Lap Sealant:  EPDM based sealant for sealing splice edges.   Can be used, with caution,  as a stand alone sealant in special situations where the splice is protected from UV radiation (Sunlight) and the liner is resting on a stable substrate.
Water Block Sealant:  Butyl based sealant,  for making a waterproof seal when executing waterproofing details,  particularly at sheet terminations.

Termination Bar:  Aluminium bar for terminating the PondGard sheet against a concrete structure.
Silicone Roller:  Small seam-roller to use in the final step of setting a seam join.   It is imperative that the seam be rolled with heavy pressure to ensure a strong bond between the seam tape and EPDM sheets.
Universal Pipe Boot (penetration):  Preformed molded EPDM "Witch’s Hat" designed to simplify the sealing of penetrations required for pipes (25 mm to 175 mm outside diameter).


Quick Seam Tape Kit, consisting of:
Quick Seam Repair Kit, consisting of:

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