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Water Treatments . . . more than just clean water.

Water Analysis - Quickstick 6 in 1   $45.00       (50 sets of measurements)

For fast,  simple  and reliable water analysis of the six most important values.

All you need is one minute to test all of the following:

QuickStick 6 in 1

Oxygen Stabiliser   $25.00       (500 ml - treats 10,000 Litres)

First Aid for Oxygen deficient ponds.   Oxygen Stabiliser increases the amount of Oxygen in ponds.

It supports the organic self cleaning properties of the pond water, reduces the formation of algae and slime and neutralises toxic waste products.

Oxygen Stabiliser works from the pond floor up, thus preventing the formation of fermentation gas which is harmful to living creatures.

PondClear - Instant clarifying agent   $39.90     (500 ml - treats 10,000 Lt)

Clarifies murky pond water by binding both mineral and organic substances, which cause cloudiness, while being perfectly safe for plants and animals.

It is effective against the finest non filterable pollutants such as as phosphates and heavy metal combinations.

Optimal supplement - OptiPond   (required if Carbonate Hardness is under 2°d KH)

pH value minus

pH-Value Minus   $39.90       (500 ml - treats 10,000 Litres)

A gentle agent for reducing the pH value of pond water through natural acids.

First Aid for excessively high pH values - prevents ammonia poisoning of fish stock.

Optimal supplement - OptiPond   (required if Carbonate Hardness is under 2°d KH)

Optipond   $49.90       (500 ml - treats 5,000 Litres)

Stabilises pH & the total and carbonate hardness levels in pond water.

Treats soft tap water or rain water when used to top up the pond.

Binds (neutralises) Ammonia and Ammonium and adds vital minerals and trace elements to the water.

Algo Universal

Algo Universal - String Algae Control   $59.90     (500 ml - treats 10,000 Litres)

Works safely against string Algae while being perfectly safe for fish and other pond dwellers.

Contains enzymes, trace elements and living microorganisms.

Dead Algae are broken down biologically while the balance of the pond is stabilised.

It is important to mantain an adequate Oxygen supply by ensuring that the pond water is circulating constantly.