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Masonry Sealers and Bonding agents

Product Price Cover  Coats  Total Cost  
  (incl. GST) (Sq M/Lt)   (per Sq M Coverage)  
PondShield Starter          
  2 Litres (2 m ² coverage) $99.90   2   2 $49.95  
  5 Litres (5 m ² coverage) $139.00   2   2 $27.80  
  15 Litres (15 m ² coverage) $299.00   2   2 $19.94  
PondShield Starter from Clearpond is a heavy black membrane which cures to a flexible and water insoluble coating.   It contains reinforcing fibres which help maintain a permanent seal over cracks.   It is also suitable for below ground applications.   PondShield Starter is suitable for Water Features,  Ponds,  Retaining Walls,  Planter Boxes and Tanking applications.  

PondShield Starter cures by loss of moisture, so it should only be used in situations which permit adequate drying.

Product Price Cover  Coats  Total Cost  
  (incl. GST) (Sq M/Lt)   (per Sq M Coverage)  
PondShield Pro          
  4 Litres (6 m ² coverage) $239.00   3   2 $39.83  
  20 Litres (30 m ² coverage) $999.00   3   2 $33.30  
PondShield Pro from Clearpond is a two component water based epoxy polyamide membrane/ barrier coating.   It is non toxic,  suitable for use in fish ponds and safe in drinking water applications.   Unlike most other sealers,  PondShield Pro can be applied to damp surfaces - even freshly laid, hardened "green" concrete.   It has excellent adhesion qualities to most substrates including Brick,  Stone,  Cement products,  or even Timber.   The finish is a semi-gloss black when applied,  going to a matt black with aging.

The two components come in separate buckets and are mixed prior to application.   When applied according to the instructions,  twenty litres (10 Lt part "A" and 10 Lt part "B") will provide coverage of 30 square metres using two coats to provide a high quality,  long term sealant.   Ideal for Ponds,  Water Features,  Retaining Walls,  Tunnels or regions where rising damp is a problem.

Product Price Colours  
  (incl. GST)    
Gold Label Sealer      
  290 ml cartridge $39.90 Black or Clear  
Gold label underwater sealer bonds all materials, including Butyl & EPDM rubber,  Glass,  Plastic,  Stone and Wood   -   even under water.   It is non toxic and suitable for use in fish ponds.

Product Price Colours  
  (incl. GST)    
Black Waterfall foam      
  565 gram can $55.00 Black  
Black Waterfall Foam is a maximum yield/ minimal expanding black foam which will bond to most surfaces.   It is ideal for filling gaps,  cracks and voids and is safe for aquatic plants and fish.
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