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Pumps for Chlorinated or Brominated water

All pumps in this series can be operated either submersed or "In Line" (outside the pond but positioned below water level).

Most Submersible Pumps are not rated for use in water which has been treated with Chlorine or Bromine.

Little Giant  Marine Service pumps are different.   Being made from Stainless steel and Bronze,  with a special Viton® seal,  these pumps are suitable for Fresh,  Salt,  Chlorinated or Brominated water (up to a maximum concentration of 5 ppm) .   They can even be used in hot water up to a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius (up to 10 deg more than most other submersible pumps).

(incl. GST)

Lt/ hr   
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Little Giant Marine Pumps
6 m power cable,  2 year warranty
S320 $489.00 1,300 3.6 m 89 W
S580 $629.00 3,000 4.2 m 200 W
S1200 $739.00 3,870 5.5 m 300 W

  1. Manufacturer’s Specification
  2. Maximum flow rate in Litres Per Hour (Lt/ hr) - Pond surface and Pump outlet at the same height
  3. Supports a column of water at this height - zero flow
  4. Warranties cover repair or replacement of Material and Manufacturing defects.   They do not cover damage caused by inappropriate operation or,  unless stated otherwise,  damage to the impeller (the rotating pump mechanism),  which is a wearing consumable part.