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Pond Vacuum Cleaners

Pondovac 3
Pondovacs are sludge vacuum cleaners which effortlessly remove course sludge particles like algae,  mud,  dead plants and leaf remnants from ponds.   You have a choice of cycled vacuum operation with the Pondovac Classic or continuous vacuuming with the Pondovac 4.   Either model is also ideally suited for household use as a wet vacuum.

PONDOVAC  4  -  $999.00

PONDOVAC  Classic  -  $499.00

The innovative Pondovac 4 is a forth generation Pond Vacuum Cleaner.   It represents the ultimate in Vacuum Cleaning for Ponds because it permits constant powerful vacuum removal of debris and sludge from large ponds.

This is achieved by utilising two,  identically sized cylinders contained within the unit.   Once the first one is filled it automatically starts to discharge and the second cylinder commences filling,  with no break in vacuum operation.
Pondovac Classic
The Pondovac Classic is a top quality,  reliable pond vacuum cleaner - ideal for small to medium sized ponds.

It functions with a vacuum / discharge cycle.   Debris is sucked from the pond and stored in the Pondovac until its storage cylinder is full.   Suction is then automatically interrupted temporarily while the contents of the unit are discharged.

Vacuuming continues automatically, once the discharge cycle is complete.

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