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At Leaf & Stone we respect your privacy.   Our site may employ Google Analytics as a means of assessing traffic volume.  We do not collect information regarding customers or individual visitors to our site.   Information which customers may supply to us is secure.   No information is held in a system which is accessible via the Internet or any other communications network.   We do not make information regarding customers available to third parties.

Forms of payment:

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As well as direct payment to our bank account,  we accept money orders and personal cheques through the mail.   However,  goods will not be shipped until money orders/cheques have been cleared (this usually takes three business days from date of lodgment).

How to Order:

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  1. By sending us an email nominating the item or items you wish to purchase.
    We will reply to emails,  confirming price and availability of the goods ordered.   If you include your contact telephone number when emailing us,  we will follow up with a telephone call to you to arrange payment and delivery.

  2. By calling us on 0412 530 797, between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM [AEST],  7 days a week.

  3. By Post,  nominating the item or items you wish to purchase.
        Our Postal Address is:


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Payment can be by Money Order,  Personal Cheque or Direct Payment to our Bank Account.   Payments must be received (and,  in the case of cheques and money orders,  cleared through our bank account) before dispatch of goods.

If an order is placed for goods which are not currently in stock,  a 20% deposit may be required.   The remaining payment will be required once the goods are ready for dispatch.


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Deliveries of small items (up to 22 kg in weight and with size restrictions) are made by Australia Post’s Parcel Delivery Service.   Orders to be delivered by Australia Post may be addressed to the street address of the Customer (Consignee) or to their PO Box.   For for all such deliveries,  standard Australia Post delivery charges apply  (plus Packaging and Handling - a minimum of $3.00,  and Insurance if required).   Details of Australia Post’s charges can be found at  Australia Post’s web site.

Freight for bulky or heavy items,  including items shipped on pallets,  is the responsibility of the Consignee.   Consignees should arrange with their preferred carrier to collect the goods from Leaf & Stone, once they have been packed and made ready for shipment.

Alternatively,  at the Consignee’s request,  Leaf & Stone may arrange for a carrier to collect the goods.   Under these circumstances goods will normally be shipped with TNT Road Express.   Leaf & Stone will estimate the cost of freight based on the current TNT freight rate.   Insurance can be made available for goods shipped with TNT.

Regardless of how collection of bulky or heavy items is arranged,  it is the Consignee’s responsibility to ensure that there will be appropriate personnel and equipment available at the delivery address to enable the goods to be unloaded.   Commercial freight carriers usually work on a Business-to-Business basis.   Consequently it is necessary that there is someone present at the delivery address during normal business hours to receive and unload the goods.   Extra delivery charges may be incurred if these requirements are not met by the Consignee.

If the Consignee asks Leaf & Stone to arrange freight, the estimated cost of packing,  freight and insurance will be notified to the Consignee.   If the Consignee accepts these estimated costs,  Leaf & Stone will include them, at cost, as part of the total payment amount for the goods.   Should any valid alterations to the estimated freight costs arise and be charged by the carrier, the consignee will be Invoiced for these costs as they arise.

Goods are packed in a manner suitable for courier delivery.   However,  Leaf & Stone do not warrant against damage which may occur due to excessively rough handling,  once goods have been dispatched.   Nor can we guarantee delivery times or dates,  as we have absolutely no control over the passage of goods once they have left us!  

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