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The Geelong Wintergarden - 2001 Designed by pioneer Geelong Architect Benjamin Blackhouse and originally constructed as a Congregational Church in 1854,  The Geelong Wintergarden building features unadorned classical lines,  tall windows and a lofty internal space - resulting in a spacious and elegant building with excellent natural lighting.   Restored in 1989 it is now an attractive destination for Art lovers,  shoppers,  families,  sightseers,  gardeners and hungry travellers.   Its combined features make it well worth a half day visit.

Today,  as well as  Leaf & Stone Garden Gallery the Wintergarden building houses:

History of the Wintergarden
1854 Official opening of the McKillop St. Congregational Church,
1878 The Victorian Colonial Government purchases the building and converts it to a Drill Hall and Orderly Room for the Geelong Corps of  The Royal Victorian Volunteer Artillery Regiment.
1879 A prefabricated Iron Building,  originally manufactured in Edinborough by Charles D Young and Company,  is attached to the rear of the Drill Hall as the gun room.
1907 The Bollington Hop Beer Company operates in the building. When fruit was in season the company employed nearly 50 people.
1914 Taits Soft Drink Company takes over Bollingtons.
1920 After the First World War,  McLintocks Vinegar Pty Ltd makes lemon seltzer drinks,  malt vinegar and McLintocks Jellies in the building.
1949 From this time Carews Dry Cleaning use the building for their dry cleaning business.
1989 The building is completely renovated and re-opened as the Geelong Wintergarden,  housing several integrated retail businesses.